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RVers Guide
To The City Of Lazaro Cardenas Michoacan

By David Eidell (05/08)

Lazaro Cardenas is a port city of 110,000 inhabitants. Although the robust industry center doesn't offer pyramids, colonial atmosphere or white sand beaches, it does have extremely handy parking for RVers at an easy to find SORIANA hypermarket, that has no less than four well-serviced ATM machines inside. Because Lazaro Cardenas is one of two Mexican steel mill cities a shopper will find automotive, diesel pusher, and specialty parts and services that are absent in other cities of this size (or spread out all over in a huge city). Because it is also a large port city the stores here handle more American-style foodstuffs.

First let's get to the Soriana hypermarket where we can shop or park and take a cab to other services:

COMING FROM THE SOUTHEAST ON MEX 200D FROM ZIHUATANEJO OR MORELIA: You will eventually arrive at the very first traffic signal. GO STRAIGHT ACROSS MEX 200, and keep going down a wide divided boulevard. WATCH FOR UNMARKED TOPES. About 1.3 miles on your left will be the market. Proceed to the traffic light and make a left. Make another left at a break in the traffic island and find a place to park.

COMING FROM THE NORTHWEST ON MEX 200, FROM MANZANILLO AND PLAYA AZUL: You will arrive at the very same traffic signal light as you would above. You will make a right turn and then follow the instructions above down the same wide boulevard.

CENTRAL CAMIONERO: This term describes the "truck center" of Lazaro Cardenas, where you will find authorized agencies for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, and International Harvester diesel rigs. Hard-to find motor oil can also be found (Shell Rotella T and Chevron Delo 400) at the agencies as well. This region is just a short distance from a Bodega Aurrera hypermarket the directions to follow below:

THE PARKER STORE: Parker Stores are found all over the USA where there is oil or gas drilling. They feature an enormous supply of all kinds of plastic, rubber, and reinforced hose and end fittings. To get here start out at the BODEGA AURRERA store (but only in an automobile or camper pickup)

To get to the Bodega Aurrera Store and deeper into Lazaro I strongly recommend that you park your truck and trailer, or motorhome in the SORIANA parking lot. There are always a long string of taxis waiting for fares there. All taxi drivers know where the "Bodega Aurrera" is located. To get to the Central Camionero, keep going past the Bodega Aurrera, cross an intersection and proceed down the boulevard. Notice that you will be still following the high voltage transmission towers. In about a half-mile the dealerships will appear on your left. O.K. off-boulevard parking for RV's.

Make a left at the Bodega Aurrera (rather than go straight as in above). Get ready to make a quick slant- right at the next side boulevard. The Parker Store is located 300 meters down the boulevard on the left side. It's a professional-looking store with nice signs. Parking is on-street and terrible.

NOTE: The closest RV Park to Lazaro Cardenas is in the beach village of PLAYA AZUL. That makes it sixteen kilometers closer than the next closest RV facility at Flores de Las Peñas, at kilometer 20 0n Mex 200 toward Manzanillo.

BANKING: Hail a taxi from the Soriana market

"CYBER CAFE" On Avenue REFORMA Blue & Yellow building, heavily-air-conditioned, hi-speed connections, repair center for desktop and notebook PC computers. Accessories sales.