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RVer Education


Seminar courses are frequently offered at RV rallies sponsored by membership organizations such as FMCA, Good Sam, and Escapees. They are also frequently offered in conjunction with meetings of various RV manufacturers' club events. Perhaps the most comprehensive, professional, and useful of these options were the "independent" offerings of the former "Life on Wheels" conferences -- an organization no longer in existence.

When we made a major revision of this website in late 2011, we discarded more than 2,000 pages of information we concluded was now outdated. Initially we thought that because our "Class Notes" were from presentations that in many cases were more than 10 years old, this entire section would be discarded. However, on closer inspection we found a number of them that contain either "timeless" information, or otherwise are of contemporary interest. And those are republished below after careful review. Each is designated as an "Archive" file. But all contain information of continuing interest to RVers.

The "opinions" reflected in the notes which follow are those of the speakers, and do not necessarily reflect our views on the items discussed. Keep in mind too that these are not articles -- but "class notes" -- the kind we all took back in college days. Like class notes of old, they are only lightly edited. Read them as such...

The various class topics are listed under general categories below.