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Scenic Byways: This non-profit site offers an excellent listing of all of the "Scenic Byways" in the United States. In addition to identifying them, visitor information is provided for each of them. For those that like to "explore" the areas they visit!

RVing -- The Midwest Connection Here is a site that specializes in linking up RVers that WANT to locate RV Manuals with RVers that HAVE RV manuals. This is an absolutely unique resource for this topic.

Alaska Marine Highway: Here's one of the world's best RV finds. Drive one way to Alaska. But take the Alaska Ferry between Bellingham, WA and Haines or Skagway, for the other leg of the journey. A spectacular trip through the fabled Inland Passage is everything you'd hope for and more. Make your reservations early -- read "very early"!

BC Ferries' Discovery Route: While the British Columbia ferry system has always offered an exciting set of RV destination, the new "Discovery Coast" route is something every RVer should put on a future agenda.

National Park Service -- Check here to find the many RVing destinations within the vast system of the National Park Service.

State Parks Guide: A very comprehensive compendium of state parks that provides links to a vast number of public RV parks.



Family Motor Coach Association: We find this an attractive option for motorhome owners. Many services and information resources can be located here. And we're highly impressed with the commitment to a high standard of ethics espoused by FMCA. We wish all RV groups would consider adopting something similar...

Family Campers and RV Association The internet home for this active group of campers and RVers.

Directory of RV Park Web Sites: A listing of RV parks and campgrounds, with links

National African American RVers Assn. A nationwide camping club with five regional chapters offering a variety of opportunities, including rallies and educational programs.

The Escapees RV Club Also known by its acronym, "SKP's", this growing group offers its members a range of member benefits, and provides a range of RV activities. I has an emphasis on boondocking and alternatives to traditional RV parks.

Family Motorhome Club: Paul Williamson founded a service through Yahoo (free signup) which hosts a "threaded" discussion on topics of interest to owners of self-contained motorhomes. This type of unmoderated forum permits both questions and answers to be posted by club members.

Circle City Campers: A family camping club which serves the Southern California - Greater Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino county Rvers. A group of singles, couples and families who enjoy outdoor local camping trips where we can pack up our RVs and hang out around the campfire, fish, catch up on some rest and share recipes...



RV Rentals Guide - a comprehensive guide to RV rentals.

besttraveltrailers.org: A refreshing non-commercial site with lots ofuseful information focused on travel trailers and camping.

DriveCrossCountry.net: A commercial free zone with lots of impressive resources for RVers.

America's Byways: A fascinating collection of scenic trips to take wherever you're planning to travel in the U.S.

Chang'in Gears: Here's a wonderful contribution about RVing, including tips on what and how to buy, rent, etc. A great collection of basic information of interest to all RVers.

Your RV Lifestyle: Here's a commercial free website with lots of good information about various aspects of RVing. This would be especially useful for newbies, or persons contemplating the full time RVing adventure.

American Journeys features over 2,000 pages of free RV travel information covering the subjects RVers want to know--by state and city. It's motto is "Where Great RV Trips Begin".

GasBuddy.com: With fuel prices being so volatile, it's not a surprise that someone has pulled together a wealth of information on fuel prices (gas) by location that should serve as at least a general guide even for those who fill up with diesel.

Factory Tours USA: Here's a unique reference for RVers as they travel the country and enjoy learning about the products and processes of the areas they visit. Click on a state, and find many opportunities to take tours (typically free) of factories that are located to the places you plan to visit. And if you find one not listed, you can add it to this list as well.

The Battery FAQ: A resource that will lead you step-by-step through different battery types, and help you find the information you need to evaluate your battery needs.

People's Guide to Mexico: This is a very complete resource on Mexico recommended by David Eidell, who has provided so many articles to our readers planning to RV in Mexico.

National Traffic and Road Closure Information: Here's a source to road construction in all fifty states. Not a bad thing to consult when planning the next long trip!

Passport in Time Clearinghouse is a program of the USDA Forest Service. It offers opportunities for individuals and families to work with professional archaeologists and historians on national forests across the country on relatively short (a few days to a few weeks) projects. Many RVers are participants because of the need for those helping to provide for their own housing. Check their website for interesting details about scheduled projects and their locations over the next several months.

NADA Price Guide: We've been waiting for an online guide to used RV prices -- and here it is. This would seem to be the answer to many reader inquiries we've had. We checked it and found it reasonably complete, though no doubt it's still in the growing process.

Workamper News: This is the internet edition of a print publication that many RVers already know about, and use to find workamping opportunities everywhere. While this is a commercial service, it's one many RVers choose to subscribe to.

US Post Office: We list this because it offers RVers a resource for easily finding general delivery zip codes for mail forwarding purposes. Type in a state and city, then "General Delivery" as the address.

RV Advice This is a place where RVers can take their questions about virtually any topic, and get a response from an expert. We're always happy to see new resources available to RVers, and we welcome this addition to our list.

Boondocking: A non-commercial resource intended to gather information about boondocking spots throughout the country

Boondocking Guide: An excellent reference to free camping areas in the Southwest, including BLM regulations.

Office of Defects Investigations: Here's the place you'll want to go and type in the information about your vehicle to find what recalls may be pending.

RV Service Reviews: An interesting RV resource comprised of RVer ratings of specific service facilities. This is a contributory site where you can rate and share your experience with RV service, and also access a large and growing data base of reviews submitted by other RVers. This provides a new dimension of "accountability" for RV service providers.

CDL Testing: Here's a site that offers practice tests for those who plan to get a commercial driver's license as required in some states to drive larger rigs,

Wireless Camping This site offers an international perspective on WiFi availability and use at campgrounds and RV parks in various countries.

RV Trips: An informative resource for the traveling RVer

Ham Radio RV Club -- offers a member-based organization for RVers who are licensened ham radio operators, or interested in becoming so.

Towed Vehicle Braking Laws -- A summary of statutory requirements of each state.

Fifth Wheel Safe Towing offers a number of tips on weighing towables, and other safety information of value to those who own towable RVs.

In Case You Visit Florence -- Florence, Oregon, that is. We've put up a site on behalf of our local Methodist Church, where you would be an incredibly welcome visitor..We've contributed some content under the "Roving Reporters" section...

Helping Hands Coalition is a Florence, Oregon day center providing services to homeless individuals and persons in extreme need. We cite it here because (i) this is the type of project RVers can support even while on the road; and (ii) we'd like to share the fact we do websites for purposes other than just RVing...


RVT.com: An independent online RV buy and sell marketplace with a large selection of RV listings. New listings are uploaded daily from private sellers as well as RV dealerships from across the USA and Canada. Private sellers can list for free but upgrades are available to enrich ad content and maximize exposure on the site. A very active site that is dedicated to the RV industry.

Hitch Pro & Tow: We include this one primarily for our west coast readers... We know that RVers are keenly interested in getting the best possible professional installation when it comes to towing -- whether a toad, a fiver, or a trailer. These folks, located in Eugene, OR, are absolutely to top of the line choice for this critical type of work.

The RV Driving School: We've taken the excellent course offered by this school, and would quickly recommend it to any RVer -- regardless of the amount of prior experience. It's all a matter of safety, and taking one of these courses will inevitably enhance the RV driving experience. You can the school at rvschool@wizwire.com

RV Rental Association Here's an online commercial resource for those interested in renting an RV virtually anwhere. It's a logical t starting point for planning a rental RV vacation.

The Great Outdoors Page This one has now put together some interesting materials for RVers, and is adding a new section on scenic byways. Lots of trip planning things to review here.

Porta-Bote: Manufacturer of popular folding boat which can be easily fastened to the outside of most RVs. If you can't decide between boating and RVing, here's a way to have them both.

Consulting Services for RV Park Owners, and those interested in building or buying an RV Park: While we do not link to commercial sites, we frequently have inquiries from park owners and others interested in building an RV park wanting to know where they can get professional assistance. Rich and Barbara Stockwell have provided assistance to many of our readers in the past; and recently established their own consulting business. We believe they well qualified in park design and management issues, including technical matters such as computer reservation systems and website design. As founders and managers of a highly related RV resort, we believe their services may be of interest to some of our readers. They've agreed to provide preliminary and threshold guidance to our readers who contact them, identifying themselves as participants at RVers Online.

Motor Home Rentals: This site is a sort of "clearing house" for those interested in renting an RV. The unique feature of this site is that it includes a listing of private RVs that are available for rent.

Chips Away Windshield Repair: We include this site because it contains much helpful information about windshield chip repair and windshield replacement.

RV Worldwide is a resource for those that might wish to consider exchanging RVs with other RVers that are looking to do likewise.


Alaskan Camper

Aliner (pop-up)

Allegro Motorhomes

American RV

Arctic Fox (aka Northwood)

Barth: (an independent site)


Born Free

Burro Trailers

Capri Campers

Carriage RV (fifth wheels)


Coach House Van Motor Homes:

Coachmen: Coachmen Motorhomes, Shasta, Georgie Boy, Viking Folding Camping Trailers

Dynamax Corporation

Earthroamer Xpedition (4 x 4 campers)

Exiss Trailers (Take your trailbikes, ATVs, etc. along)

Featherlite (luxury bus and trailers)

Forest River

Foretravel Motorhomes

Four Wheel Campers (Truck Campers)

GMC Motorhomes




Host Campers (Campers and motorhomes)

Horizon (Trailers)




Lance Campers

LeisureVans (Class B)

Marathon Coach

Monaco RV (new entity)

Newell Coaches

Newmar Corp

NeXus RV (Factory direct Class C and B+)

Northern Lite

Northland Campers



Okanagan RV

Outfitter Mfg (pop-ups)


Panther Sportsmen Campers


Renegade Transportation

Rexhall Industries

RoadTrek (Class B)

S & S Campers

Scamp Trailers


Six-Pac Campers




Sportsmobile Pop-up Vans



Thor Industries


Trailmanor (Travel Trailers)

Travel Lite Campers

Travel Units, Inc (Custom trailer manufacturer -- direct sales)

Triple E (Canadian Class A)

Wee-Kender (A Canadian Teardrop trailer site)




Many RVers will find lots of new opportunities and information resources through the club which may be sponsored by the manufacturer of their RV. Here are the ones we've found online:

Casita Club

Country Coach eGroup (An unaffiliated eGroup for EXISTING Country Coach Owners


Glendale Titanium owners from Canada

GMC International Motorhomes

Gulfstreamers International RV Club


Monaco eGroup (an unaffiliated eGroup for EXISTING Monaco owners)

North American Truck Camper Ass'n


Big Rigs - Best Bets This is a new and extremely useful directory covering a number of the major RVing states -- and growing. As the title suggests, the focus of this RV park guide is on parks which actually are suitable for the biggest rigs. We've noted a frustration among big-rig owners, often mislead by claims of "big rig friendly". Not to worry here, where they author have listed only parks tha can accommodate their own 45' rig. Updated annually and excellent WiFi information.

Trailer Life Campground Directory Our reader surveys have indicated this is likely the most popular of all RV park directories -- particularly among RVers in the Western States.

Woodalls Directory: A catalogue of almost all RV parks in the US, providing a listing of ameneties, a rating, and information on how to contact them.


NOTE: Links are selected based on our assessment of their information value for our readers. RVers Online neither "sells", nor "trades" links, as we are a compeletly non-commercial site. And we have no requirements for reciprocal links from web sites we select to post for our readers' benefit. For recommendations pertaining to new links, or for updates to those we've posted, please contact our Links Editor, Bruce Brockway