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Little Log


While we very carefully avoid any commercial advertising here at RVers Online, we are keenly aware that RVers are an excellent source of information about things that are of special interest and value to many of their fellow RVers. We've decided to list a few here, and to invite readers to submit other products or services that they believe other readers would like to know about. To submit an item for this listing, please drop us an email here.

We begin with a couple of our own and see if there's interest in developing a list of items here...

1. RV Park Directory for larger RVs: Our favorite in this category is Big Rig - Best Bets. A must have resource for RVers hoping to find a suitable spot at an RV park or campground that really does cater to "big rigs". Online and print versions. See: http://www.big-rigs-rv.com/12.html

2. Super glassware: RVers all know "real" glasses are troublesome in an RV. But the plastic ones are either not durable or they tend to scratch easily, making them look cloudy. Not so with the GoVino brand of stylish plastic glassware. While advertised as wine or coctail glasses, some styles are good for any purpose. See: http://govinowine.com/index.html

3. The best RV product I've yet encountered is a portable style catalyst wall heater called the Wave Series by Olympian. Not vented, trace amount of CO, no smell, unbelievably rugged and durable, needs no electrical power, and radiates heat like a fireplace or wood stove. Very frugal amount of LPG used.

3.Anyone? Drop us a note with your suggestion!