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Updated 05/2015

We've been happy to welcome a growing number of RV park owners to RVers Online. We value your interest an participation. Below we list some examples of items of interest to RV park owners and managers.

WiFi Update: Overtaken by Progress (07/13) This site originated in the mid-1990s primarily for the purpose of getting RVers connected while on the road. What an incredible history to contemplate since then. For all these years we did our best to persuade park owners to provide Internet access. The time has now come, however, when RVers must begin to shoulder some of this responsibility for themselves...

RV Park Rules: (07/12) While all RV parks have "rules" to set the standards of conduct for their RVer guests, it's amazing how often this part of the RVing experience is unintentionally mismanaged by Park owners and managers. We explain why this is so, and what you can do to avoid this all-too-common problem.

RVers' Tips for Park Owners: [Updated 05/11] Here we list suggestions, recommendations, and comments calculated to communicate in a positive way RVers' preferences when selecting an RV park. We've asked our RV readers to send along their recommendations as well.

Surviving Economic Times: (Updated 02/2011) Everyone is impacted by the significantly higher cost of fuel, and the entire RV industry is dealing with perhaps its biggest challenge ever. RV parks are feeling the impacts, albeit in differing ways. But there are steps that might be considered to help weather the storm, and deal with the realities of the current economic environment.

Some Thoughts About Directory Listings: Without question many RVer choices about which park to select are made with reference to one of the major print directories -- often at the last minute. Listings contain crucial bits of information, some beyond the control of the park owner. However a carefully considered separate ad can provide some key information the listing won't show, and highlight some features of your park that are likely to be missed by readers.

Building an RV Park (Updated 02/11) We often get inquiries from those contemplating building a new RV park, asking our views on some aspect of the process. Rather than respond piecemeal to these inquiries, we've compiled a list of considerations we think are appropriate to this process. Each person's situation will of course be different, and the engagement of an expert consultant will be the best insurance available.

Geocaching: Want to make your guests find your park and stay a few days longer? Introduce them to "geocaching" -- a fun new techno-sport ideal for RVers everywhere. Be sure to go to the geocaching website (www.geocaching.com), key in your zipcode, and print out the long list of caches that are surely within an easy drive of your park or campground.

Campground Etiquette: We've published a list of reader recommendations for a those items that best impact campground courtesy. We found the list of reader suggestions very close to our own personal recommendations. We were also pleased to see our readers showed a keen interest in both contributing items and in learning what guidance other RVers would have to offer. We think you'll find the list informative. Your guests may too, so please feel free to post or share it...

Wal Mart Issue: This one is often a contentious issue, and we express our views in an editorial on this topic. We think many park owners see this as a much bigger issue than it really is, and we offer our comments and suggestions on how to defuse the situation.

What Subliminal Messages are You Sending? Many park owners and managers work extremely hard to ensure their parks are shipshape, and make a positive "visual statement". But there are other messages, more subtle in nature, which may not be sending the message you've intended...

What Makes a Good RV Park? Here's an article that takes an RVer's perspective on what things make an RVer want to select and come back to an RV park.