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Diesel Leak: I have a 2003 country coach with a Cummings 400 engine. On a few occasions ( one today) I get diesel fuel leaking from the top of the fuel tank. This only happens (as far as I know) when the outside temperature is near or above 100 degrees. I have had it in the shop twice and no one seems able to solve the problem. It always happens when the coach is stationary, without the engine running. It doesn't seem to make any difference as to the level of the fuel tank. It does it for a few minutes, then gradually decreases until it stops. Has anyone experienced the same type of problem or can offer any suggestions.

Glen Coulter

+++That's an odd one. Perhaps others may have a clue. Will forward your note as well to a Cummins resource...

Cable TV Troubles Ahead? We checked into the very nice Winchester Bay RV Resort for a night and were advised their cable TV is indefinitely unavailable. It seems their provider, Charter, will prospectively furnish only a digital signal that will require RV guests to rent a small conversion box -- presumably at a fee. In addition to the extra costs involved, this would be an administrative nightmare for park owners. And of course many RVers simply don't have access to the back of built-in TVs. We hope common sense prevails here, but we also think this deserves a heads up to all RVers...

Eastern Oregon Question: We are going to be making a trip to oregon and Washington, on by boat to alaska.
We will be coming to boise,id and then on to bend to visit relatives.
My question is, since I have never been to bend this way, I want to know about the road thru western oregon from Boise to bend. Is it good or bad and are there any big hills to be careful about?
Clyde Martin

+++Hi Clyde — Sounds like a great trip! When you get to Boise, the trip to Bend will be either one fairly full day, or a couple of easy half days with an overnight perhaps in Burns. There’s a small but very charming little RV park there just called “the Burns RV Park”. The road from Bend to Burns has two reasonably moderate summits, poetically named “Drinking Water Pass” and “Stinking Water Pass” — but they’re really pretty easy. Otherwise the road is mostly a wide and comfortable two-lane low-traffic highway. You should have clear sailing. You actually said “western” Oregon, and we’d consider this pretty much “eastern” oregon. If you’re going on to “western” Oregon from Bend, you’ll go over either Santiam Pass or Willamette Pass, both circa 5,000 feet. But again the hills are moderate, the road mostly two-lane, and any rig can handle it easily (snow season excepted!). Have a great trip! Tom

Social Media for RVers: We’ve noted with interest the release of RVillage , a new free resource for RVers that has the objective of bringing RVers together both geographically and by areas of interest. It’s based on the underlying model for social media. A quick look at the “home page” of the new site doesn’t immediately provide an overview of the content, so it requires a bit of exploration. There’s also a short video describing the site.

RVing is Back: After a tumultous ride through a very challenging economic environment over the past years it appears the RV industry is at long last now alive and well. A recent RVIA study shows that 8.9 million households now own an RV. That's an all-time high. What may not yet be quite as clear is how this breaks down in terms of contemporary preferences for towables versus motorized; or smaller, more fuel-efficient units versus the high-end luxury models.

FaceBook: We continue to experiment with posting new types of snippets of interest to RVers on our related Facebook page. In particular, we're planning to post information on specific RV parks, campgrounds and destinations that are not readily available either in the major directories or online. You do *not* have to be a Facebook user to see this site: RVers Online Facebook. If you visit, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions....

Overtaken by Progress: Given new challenges to reliable and adequate download speeds, we're having to re-think our traditional view about WiFi in RV parks. The time has come for RVers to begin to assume a degree of responsibility (and cost) if they want to enjoy a premium Internet experience while staying at many RV parks these days. That said, we're increasingly of the view that RV park owners should be more forthcoming about advising RVers on the quality of service they are actually able to provide. Our latest editorial explains...

Postcards Are Back: Along with our resumption of updates, one of the first pieces we're putting back are the latest additions to Postcards.

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