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Our Linked Facebook Page: We continue to make minor postings at our related Facebook page that do not justify the processs required to do a website update. We'll link key new web content from the Facebook page; but other materials will only appear there.

Article Update: One of the key issues RVers experience is finding timely, quality, and fairly priced RV Service. Our updated article explains how RVers can do their part to optimize the RV service experience.

RVillage Grows: Some time ago we called our readers' attention to an innovative new online resource that we think many RVers might find interesting and useful. With now more than 40,000 subscribers (it's free) this project is moving forward impressively. And we think that there is potential here to add dimensions that really boost participation. See www.rvillage.com

First Impressions: We've finally taken delivery our new 2016 Winnegao Navion. It was an "Itasca" product when ordered, but a "Winnebago" unit when it arrived. This was the first major step in our process of "downsizing" from many years of owning "big rig" diesel pushers. Though we will have more to report, we thought it helpful to summarize here our first impressions of the new Navion, and the process leading to our acquiring it.

RV Rentals: We've long thought there are far too few resources for those considering an RV rental. Here isa new website for beginners interested in learning more about RVing. The website introduces visitors to the different types of RVs (class A, B, C, and more), RV parks and campgrounds, utility hookups, and more. We have encouraged it to add more "rental specific" information, including what to look for when shopping for a rental; and to provide key guidance in doing the walk through prior to driving off from the rental agency.

Selling Your RV -- Revisited: The time comes, sooner or later, when that RV you've enjoyed so much will be sold. It will be traded in, consigned, or you can consider selling it yourself. We recently experienced the process first-hand, and we've provided a fresh perspective on this topic in our latest article...

FaceBook: We continue to experiment with posting new types of snippets of interest to RVers on our related Facebook page. In particular, we're planning to post information on specific RV parks, campgrounds and destinations that are not readily available either in the major directories or online. You do *not* have to be a Facebook user to see this site: RVers Online Facebook. If you visit, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions....


Articles Invited

RVers Online welcomes the submission of articles of general interest to the RV community, including travelogues, technical topics, "how to" articles, and editorial opinion. We will publish those which, in our discretion, are tasteful, of general interest to RVers, and which are consistent in tone and quality with other materials at this site. Articles should ordinarily be 2-4 pages in length, and submitted in plain text format or in Microsoft Word. We reserve the right to edit all materials as we deem necessary, and all articles published will be copyrighted by and become the property of RVers Online. Because this is a non-commercial site, we cannot print materials that are, or have the appearance of being, advertising. Paid advertising is neither invited nor permitted at this site.