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New Concepts? It does seem as if the RV world has been manufacturing some flavor of a "box" design for decades. There are some interesting and fresh new lines being developed -- not here, but in Europe! See this link for some eye-catching new looks...

Drones? For RVers? Could this possibly be? Absolutely -- and it will likely be coming to an RV near you much sooner than you think. But maybe you should be a bit ahead of the crowd this time. Our latest articles explores why we believe RVers will soon be taking to the air with these amazing, small, and highly portable devices -- and some comprehensive tips on how to get started with one particular model.

RVing Ajo: This comparatively unknown little town in far south central Arizona offers some interesting destination spots for RVers. We explore some of these here.

RVing Borrego: We'e also added a new article that addresses the RVing options for those interested in exploring the diverse RVing opportunities available in and around Borrego Springs, CA.

Hungry Rodents: I store my Sprinter RV outside during our mild winters in western Washington. Unfortunately, squirrels or mice crawl in to the engine well and gnaw on the ignition harness. I've heard that placing static cling tissues, like Bounce, around wiring will discourage rodents from nesting nearby, preventing further damage. Are there better ways to solve this problem?

+++Note: Our thanks to TJS, who provided what appears to be a very promising option for this problem. He writes:

"I noticed the post on the bulletin board. I have tried Bounce with no luck at all. The mice made nest from it. I have used Rataway (http://www.rataway.com/ ) for years. It works Great."

Identify Please! The RV park on your website home page is gorgeous. Can you identify the park please? TimR

+++Hi Tim. We agree it’s a very attractive park, which is why we've featured it on our home page. It’s just one of several designed by Rich Stockwell of RV Park Consulting that we think is extremely well done. The park is Winchester Bay RV Resort, just south of Reedsport on the central Oregon coast. We did a short video more fully describing this park some time ago on our RVers Online Facebook page.

Expedition: Greenland For those of our readers not following items on our Facebook page, we've posted a short video of visual impressions from that "non-RV" travel event. It's a remarkable country to visit, although access is extremely limited due to the huge Polar Ice Cap that covers all but this huge island's outer coastline. See http://youtu.be/65TYXrxLIis

Greetings: I read your article ("Comparing motorhome or Trailer") and took some notes. Thank you. Interestingly four years ago I started shopping for an RV and settled on an Airstream trailer; however, I never have stopped looking at them- almost like a hobby. I noted your ownership containing just about every type of RV EXCEPT a trailer. I know you mentioned renting one. I believe what you shared about the Class A is dead on. It costs more in just about every way. I was surprised that you when back to a Class A after sharing your findings. In my recent talks with sales people, they continually tell me how that there is little difference in MPG between the gas and diesel models of class A. I have considered moving that direction if planning on going full time but then I get jerked back to reality considering my current rig and how it really meets the need for at least 2-3 months at a time. It is just me so a lot of space is not really necessary. My trailer is 25’ 11” so 26’ per se. It has more storage than a Winnebago Vista 26E that I looked at.

One thing I did was purchase an expensive hitch system, a propride 3P with no sway whatsoever. The trailer and truck are as one with the exception of backing.

Your article has me happy confirming my original choice but also thinking about 5th wheels in the future. We will see. I find that the trailer offers the portability of the 5th wheel in a less bulky package. You don’t get the residential ceiling height but you get most of the room. Slides? I am torn on those too. They are wonderful as to provide more space but they also require more maintenance and camp setup time. The newer opposing slide trailers and 5th wheels are amazing. I guess the real decision will come when and if I decide to go full-time. My final thought is that towables, especially trailers and 5th wheels appear to be the best choices for most people.
Rodney Winkler
+++We continue to believe there is no one size fits all answer to this one...

Social Media for RVers: We’ve noted with interest the continued growth of RVillage, a new free resource for RVers that has the objective of bringing RVers together both geographically and by areas of interest. It’s based on the underlying model for social media. A quick look at the “home page” of the new site doesn’t immediately provide an overview of the content, so it requires a bit of exploration. There’s also a short video describing the site.

FaceBook: We continue to experiment with posting new types of snippets of interest to RVers on our related Facebook page. In particular, we're planning to post information on specific RV parks, campgrounds and destinations that are not readily available either in the major directories or online. You do *not* have to be a Facebook user to see this site: RVers Online Facebook. If you visit, please feel free to leave comments and suggestions....

Overtaken by Progress: Given new challenges to reliable and adequate download speeds, we're having to re-think our traditional view about WiFi in RV parks. The time has come for RVers to begin to assume a degree of responsibility (and cost) if they want to enjoy a premium Internet experience while staying at many RV parks these days. That said, we're increasingly of the view that RV park owners should be more forthcoming about advising RVers on the quality of service they are actually able to provide. Our latest editorial explains...

Postcards Are Back: Along with our resumption of updates, one of the first pieces we're putting back are the latest additions to Postcards.

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